100% Responsible.

It’s important for us to take care of the earth and the people.

greenleafAt Little Green World, our commitment is to find quality green products that are created socially well.  This means that we are involved with our suppliers on a personal level and, on most occasions, visit the locations where our products are manufactured to inspect the process and the quality of life.

If a company or product doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t carry it.  That’s our commitment.

In addition to finding quality products made socially well, we get to meet some really great people doing really great work.  Little Green World Teas are produced in Berks County, Pennsylvania a rural community.  Products are handmade by our craftsmen and women in line with fair trade principles. When possible, we produce our tea products in USA. If we could grow the tea here; we would!

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Responsible fashion is all about transformation. A used milk carton becomes a diary or maybe a handbag. Creative thinking adds value to an object, regardless of its original worth.
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Woof! CupCakes

Create a unique and healthy treat for your favorite pet. The W.S. Barkery Woof! cupcake kit allow you to celebrate special occasions with a unique treat that bake!
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Tea Collections

Little Green World has designed a new pre-measured easy to use tear teas and blends. Our teas are ideal for infusers, and presses. Teas are simply packaged for easy use. Available on tea4support.com.
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