Little Green World in Cambodia

It’s important to take care of people and the earth.  At Little Green World, our commitment is to our communities making  make quality products  socially well.  This vision allows us to meet great people doing socially responsible projects.  Elisa and Jennifer, for example, two moms created a social enterprise in Cambodia.

Traveling the world and working abroad in so many cultures has impacted and influenced our company’s vision in an enlightened way.  Our journey began and continues by meeting truly remarkable people that help us with our vision to create and source innovative products.

It’s a cool journey –  offering quality products that are good for you, taste good and  are farmed in such a good way it protects both the earth and the people behind the products!

Health Lifestyles

If you 40 or older it's all about transformation. Not so much about the kids anymore - it's all about you. Taking care of you, your skin and your health.
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100 CT Bulk Pyramid Teabags

Available FALL & Spring Great for fundraising, or small business or cafe owners
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Tea Accessories

Little Green World sells the best tea infuser for a delicious cuppa. Available on on Amazon
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