Little Green World & Tea 4 Support

Little Green World has teamed up with Tea 4 Support to handle our tea room sales.  We feel good knowing that a portion of all the sales will generate a donation to benefit local charities.   This means all sales normally sold through our tea room, will now generate a donation when purchased on Tea4Support.com

How it works    Tea4support Logo

Simply put LGW when you see any areas marked  promo code – all sales with our code generate a donation for local charities and socially responsible project in our area.  From December 2012 to March 2013, our code will generate a donation to American Red Cross.  Will select another charity for April sales.

Personally, if you forget our code that’s OK.  The best part about this concept, is that all purchases on tea4support generate a donation.    It’s all going to a good causes that are needed right now.



Responsible fashion is all about transformation. A used milk carton becomes a diary or maybe a handbag. Creative thinking adds value to an object, regardless of its original worth.
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Woof! CupCakes

Create a unique and healthy treat for your favorite pet. The W.S. Barkery Woof! cupcake kit allow you to celebrate special occasions with a unique treat that bake!
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Tea Collections

Little Green World has designed a new pre-measured easy to use tear teas and blends. Our teas are ideal for infusers, and presses. Teas are simply packaged for easy use. Available on tea4support.com.
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